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Just about every Thursday here at DeskBabesReview, we like to give you a special bonus in the form of a video for your viewing pleasure.  These videos feature DeskBabes and VirtuaGirlHD models doing their thing.  Many of them you won’t see or even be able to download from the model’s card sets, but are exclusive behind-the-scenes or more explicit cuts that didn’t make the final version of the promotional video on or You will need the Apple QuickTime plugin to view the video.

We featured another video from Felina and it’s proven to be one of the most popular weekly videos we’ve posted so far.  This hot ebony woman has a huge fan base of dedicated porn addicts who can’t get enough of her strong body with its big fake breasts and her great smile that has a tendency to preclude a lot of nudity and hardcore action.

While a favorite on VirtuaGirl, Felina has never actually done a DeskBabes performance.  We’re hoping Totem remedies this with a set of DB cards for this hot, hardcore babe.  In the meantime, enjoy this striptease video from Felina’s VGHD performances:



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